Beer and Pie Night – Cheviot Brewery

Beer and Pie night
Us enjoying a sample of Cheviot Brewery Upland Ale

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to a beer and pie night. North Northumberland Tourism Association (NNTA) and the Cheviot Brewery hosted this. Two of my favourite things are beer and pies, so I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity like this.

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Rambling above Rothbury

Rothbury moor 360

Last week I went out on my first solo walk of the year. A bit of rambling above Rothbury. Solo walking is a unique experience, very different to walking in groups. There is no timetable and no fixed route. It is the very definition of freedom and I enjoy it very much.

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Blind Veterans UK volunteers

Blind Veterans UK are looking for volunteers to help blind veterans get out and about and enjoy the outdoors. Click here or on the image below to find out more.

Blind Veterans UK volunteers

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What is Walking North England?

Well what is Walking North England? It is what it says, a website about walking in North England and anything related to that. It started when I decided that I wanted to start a blog, but wasn’t sure what subject to choose. I had plenty of ideas but just couldn’t settle on any particular one. As with everything these days, I took to the internet to find out what to do. Choose an interesting subject and something you have knowledge about was the advice. Did that help? Not really. I had a huge list of things that I was interested in and a small list of things that I felt I was knowledgeable about.

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