OS Maps of Northern England

What OS Maps cover Northern England
‘OS © Crown copyright [2020] CS-135629-W7P4Y8’ 

I’m producing a series of articles on paper OS maps that cover Northern England. As I’ve said before, North England for me consists of Northumberland, Cumbria, Tyne & Wear, Durham and North Yorkshire. So these are the areas that I will cover. The first in the series is the place where I do most of my walking, Northumberland. This will be followed by the other areas. But a bit more on why I’m doing this before going on to the articles themselves.

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Walking and staying home

Can’t stop thinking about being out walking but are following the rules and staying home?

Obviously, if you are self isolating or just staying home like you’ve been told, you can’t walk far. Just from the sofa to the kettle and back again and maybe varying it a little with a hill walk to the upstairs lavatory. Everyone has favourite walks that they repeat many times but this is taking it a bit too far.

We all need to keep ourselves busy until we can safely venture out again. I’ve learned a bit about keeping busy recently. I got a cough about a week before we all got told to stay home, so not being able to know whether its a cold, flu or a mild case of CoViD19, I had no choice but to stay in the house and wait for it to go away. So, to fill the time between “Homes under the Hammer” and “Pointless”, I decided to plan where to go after this is all over with.

I started looking for new places to go and planning walks around them. As well as this I did a bit of research about the walk to see if there is anything interesting close by and there usually is. This post is about what I used to do this without going out to recce the walk and maybe trying these online tools might entertain you for a while.

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