OS Maps of Northern England – Northumberland

Following on from the first post in this series on OS Maps of Northern England, this is the Northumberland one. In this post I will look at what maps cover Northumberland and what the interesting features are on each. I will also highlight which maps cover the Northumberland National Park.

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OS Maps of Northern England

What OS Maps cover Northern England
‘OS © Crown copyright [2020] CS-135629-W7P4Y8’ 

I’m producing a series of articles on paper OS maps that cover Northern England. As I’ve said before, North England for me consists of Northumberland, Cumbria, Tyne & Wear, Durham and North Yorkshire. So these are the areas that I will cover. The first in the series is the place where I do most of my walking, Northumberland. This will be followed by the other areas. But a bit more on why I’m doing this before going on to the articles themselves.

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